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Lotus’ New Era

Posted by on Oct 1, 2010 in Drive News

Lotus are getting their groove back, not that they ever truly lost it. But there is a new Lotus on the block, and thats not just my take on the matter. In an unprecedented move, what Lotus have dubbed the dawning of a new era, the Proton owned British sports car maker simultaneously revealed five new models, two revisions of existing models and a concept car. It doesn’t even stop there, Lotus have also decided to relentlessly flog their iconic brand with a new magazine, three clothing ranges and, these are Lotus’ words; a ‘flashy new website’. I wonder if that means it features a lot of flash content, which would totally screw mobile Apple iOS users but nobody else. Sorry, that was a low blow, and you’ll probably only get it if you’re a techhead anyway.

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