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Drive Road Test- Suzuki Swift Sport

Posted by on Sep 3, 2010 in Road Tests

Small Sports Car 101

Of all the cars one thinks of when only a hundred examples will be brought into the country, a Suzuki Swift most likely won’t pop into your mind. And yet, when I strolled down to the parking lot when informed a Suzuki had arrived for me to road test, I popped open the door and right there next to the drivers seat was a polished plaque, 81 of 100. Taken aback slightly, I kept my mouth shut, it is after all sort of my job to know stuff like that, I’m supposed to have my ear to the ground in this industry, and hence should’ve known. I didn’t, but think this was for the best nonetheless, no preconceptions of an awesome limited edition hot hatch filled my mind, I was a blank slate.

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