Audi quattro Paris concept

At the 1980 Geneva Motor Show Audi revealed a vehicle that in many ways would define the company right up until this very day. It was of course the quattro, and now 30 years on Audi is in a celebratory mood. To show us just how proud they are of the quattro, both the car and drive system, they’ve created the Audi quattro concept which debuted at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. The quattro is a mightily fine looking car, but more than just a pretty face as there is a five cylinder 300kW/402bhp/408ps turbocharged engine powering the quattro as well.

The quattro isn’t truthfully an all new car, it is in fact based on the RS 5, which is as good a place as any to start I would say. It has however been chopped down here and there, with the wheel base losing 150mm and the roof being lowered by 40mm. The slimming down of the quattro hasn’t just been achieved by downsizing though, the body itself is very light thanks to primarily aluminium construction as well as the use of carbon components such as the rear hatch and hood. The end result is a weight of just 1,300kg.

The five cylinder engine was developed from the 2.5L inline turbocharged five cylinder found in the spectacular TTRS, so we know it has an excellent powerplant. In conjunction with a six speed manual gearbox the quattro’s throaty longitudinal FSI turbo will ram through the 4s barrier, its 300kW’s good for 3.9s 0-100km/h. Torque is 490Nm, available often as the band is from 1,600rpm to 5,300rpm.

As this concept is called quattro, it comes as no surprise that Audi have deployed their most modern of quattro setups. The much improved crown gear centre differential is present and accounted for then, making the permanent all wheel drive less of a chronic understeer experience.

The interior of the quattro is naturally of the highest build quality, but the quattro’s stripped out racing DNA is still there. The rear seats for instance are gone, in their place a simple shelf for helmets or other luggage.The front seats are lightweight bucket seats, apparently boasting a 40% weight saving compared to traditional seats.

Build it Audi, build it please, and sooner rather than later as well.

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